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15 Best Breastfeeding Dresses - Nursing friendly clothes [2022]

Bringing a new life to this planet is a wholesome feeling in itself. As you’re soon about to step into this new beautiful phase of your life, you must be all set to experience the beginnings of everything new, a whole dream of possibilities. 

Breastfeeding is a crucial process that follows right away after delivering the tiny “you” version of pure bliss. We’re sure you must be quite nervous about the fact whether you will be able to pull off this hectic job or not.

Thanks to maternity brands designers, as they design the most perfect nursing-friendly dresses for expectant mothers with a lot of thought. Feeding clothes in today’s age make breastfeeding so much easier than you can expect.

15 Best Breastfeeding Clothes

Here are the 15 best breastfeeding dresses that you can add to your wardrobe offering convenience and style to make this process a whole less cumbersome.

Let’s get started.

#1 Mustard Short Dress

Mustard Short breastfeeding Dress

A beautiful mustard-colored nursing short dress can make your breastfeeding days so much better. This chic and stylish dress comes in a front-open style and 3/4th sleeves. You can wear it to lunch parties, family events, baby showers, and even use this stylish dress post maternity. It is made in fine khadi cotton fabric that will keep you comfortable and cool.

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#2 Olive Shirt Dress

Olive Shirt Nusring Dress

Another gorgeous outfit offered by MomsRack is this elegant olive-colored shirt dress. Looks like a perfect blend of style and comfort, isn’t it? This nursing dress comes with front-open buttons offering easy feed access. It is designed in a light-weighted, breathable khadi fabric to make your days more relaxing.

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#3 Nursing Layer Dress

Nursing Layer Dress a nursing friendly attire

Cannot take your eyes off this stunning floral printed layered dress? Well, yes, this feeling is pretty natural. Designed by MomzJoy, this nursing outfit is the perfect blend of comfort and style. You should definitely add this to your wardrobe and use it post-pregnancy as it comes with a concealed front-open zip to make breastfeeding easier. 

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#4 Peach Angelic Short Dress

Peach Angelic Short Dress for breastfeeding

Designed in a light-weighted, gorgeous peach-colored fabric carved with self-work, this nursing wear outfit is a must-have item for your closet. It comes with a stylish sweetheart neck and offers a flexible fit that makes it an ideal attire to wear even post-pregnancy.

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#5 Button-Down Nursing Kaftan

Button-Down Nursing Kaftan

Kaftans are the perfect example of comfort, style, and versatility. Over the last few years, Kaftans have gained immense popularity, especially as expectant mothers love to dress themselves up in a stylish yet chic Kaftan no matter what occasion or event it is. This mustard-brown button-down kaftan is the perfect pick for fashionable moms. It also comes with two stylish front pockets that make this attire unique.

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#6 Floral Printed Feeding Kaftan

Floral Printed Feeding Kaftan

Next on our list of best breastfeeding dresses comes this unique floral printed feeding outfit by The Kaftan Company. With a pompom lace-edging and stylish 3/4th sleeves, this nursing attire comes with a round neckline and front open buttons.

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#7 Knee-length Night Dress

Knee-length Nursing Friendly Night Dress

There’s no better joy than cuddling up at your home, right? Well, you should definitely check out this stunning knee-length nightdress by Zivame. It is designed in a light-weighted comfortable fabric and offers easy feed access too.

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#8 Peach Pink Mid-Length Night Dress

Peach Pink Mid-Length Night Dress

Here comes another nursing-friendly dress to make your breastfeeding days a whole less cumbersome. This outfit is crafted in 100% cotton fabric, a round neck and stylish 3/4th sleeves, and most importantly a front-open zip which makes this an ideal feeding apparel.

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#9 Purple Cotton Kaftan Nursing Dress

Purple Cotton Kaftan Nursing Dress

If Kaftans are your thing then this purple-colored half-sleeved dress can be one of the best breastfeeding dresses you will ever buy.

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#10 Navy Blue Nursing Kurti with Floral Print

Navy Blue Nursing Kurti with Floral Print

This gorgeous Anarkali-styled flare Kurti with shibori prints can keep you trendy and fashionable during pregnancy. It comes with two concealed front zippers for easy nursing.

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#11 Plum Stripes Maternity Top

Plum Stripes Maternity Top

Whether you’re stepping out for a cup of coffee or simply lounging at home, this plum-striped nursing top will never let you go out of style. You can pair it with denim or black-colored leggings to complete the look.

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#12 Red Plaid Nursing Shirt

Red Plaid Nursing Shirt

Trends may come and go but plaids and checks are forever. Don’t you agree? If you feel this emotion then do check out this amazing red plaid nursing shirt by The Mom Store.

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#13 Yellow Nursing Hoodie

Yellow Nursing Hoodie

Want to wrap yourself up in a cozy and comfortable hoodie? This hoodie comes with easy feed access and is designed in an ultra-soft fabric that will keep you comfortable day and night.

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#14 Grey Maternity Lounge Wear

Grey Maternity Lounge Wear for breastfeeding

Agree or not but being at home, relaxing in your lounge is the most comforting feeling ever. Right? To make sure that you never go out of style, do give a thought to buying this stylish grey-colored nursing loungewear with front open buttons.

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#15 Yellow Summery Long Nursing Top

Yellow Summery Long Nursing Top for breastfeeding

Yellow is not a color, it’s an emotion. Check out this amazing summery yellow long nursing top by MomsRack that is ideal for weekend outings, lunch dates, baby showers, maternity photoshoots, or simply any event.

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How should I dress while breastfeeding?

Layering is one of the most useful fashion hacks for expectant mothers. Wear a nursing tank or top underneath, cover it with a stylish blazer or jacket. Or simply buy any of the above-listed 15 stylish feeding clothes that are curated with a lot of thought, easy feed access, and front-open buttons or zips.

What should you not wear while breastfeeding?

Well, avoid wearing an underwire bra during your breastfeeding days as it will feel too tight around your chest. Invest in a good-quality bra that fits perfectly and keeps you comfortable.

Can you were nursing tops while pregnant?

Yes, you can definitely wear nursing tops, shirts, and dresses while you’re pregnant. These attires are exclusively designed to cater to your maternity needs, offering ease of access to nurse your tiny one!

So, here were the 15 best breastfeeding dresses that you can buy online at the most affordable price range. Which is your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts with our readers.

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