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10 Best Maternity Clothes For First Trimester- First Trimester Pregnancy Clothes


As we’re all aware, the beautiful journey of pregnancy is broadly divided into three-four trimesters. The first trimester begins right from conception and lasts for about 12-13 weeks. When a woman gets pregnant, a lot of questions start coming to mind, be it what diet you should follow, baby’s well-being, pregnancy do’s and don’ts, and so on. But most importantly, what first trimester outfits you should pick. This question has been bothering a lot of women for ages and time.


So, how should you dress for your first trimester? Sounds tricky, isn’t it? Well, we know what you are thinking right now. The bump is not even started to highlight yet so is it a good time to invest in maternity clothes?

Your mind must be struggling in a dilemma that whether you should stick to your original wardrobe or buy some new nursing outfits. Right? Hey mom-to-be, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you!

In this post, we have listed the 8 best maternity clothes for first trimester that you can pick to spend your pregnancy in comfort and style.

Here you go!

 8 Best First Trimester Pregnancy Clothes In 2022

1. Block Printed Short Nursing Dress

block printed short nursing dress

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Fan of traditional block prints? If yes, then you should definitely check out this stunning nursing short dress by MomsRack. The Cotton block print dress is knee-length and comes with stylish 3/fourth design sleeves making it look elegant on a Pregnant woman. This dress has a bow and fastens in the front making nursing exceptionally simple and convenient. The cotton utilized is of the best quality making it great and beautiful to wear during and post maternity.

It very well may be worn for Office, Parties, lunch/dinners, Maternity shoots, baby showers, and so on The comfort, solace and appearance of the dress make it a top purchase., a must-have first trimester outfits that you should own.


2. Mustard Kaftan

Mustard Kaftan

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Loved by women of all ages, even celebrities cannot resist themselves from wearing nursing Kaftans to flaunt their bump in style. Yes, yes, yes, we have all admired Kareena Kapoor’s stunning airport looks even while she was pregnant. Kaftans are the all-time favorite maternity clothes for first trimester. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this stunning nursing Kaftan by MomsRack that comes with easy feed access. Made of delicate touch texture for the ideal fit over your waistline all through your pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Feel free, to pamper and spoil yourself.


3. Charcoal Pleated Maternity Dress

Charcoal Pleated Maternity Dress

Here comes out next handpicked item on the list of best maternity clothes for first trimester. This elegant nursing dress is ideal for the first trimester as it comes with a feminine soft pleated skirt that drapes beautifully around your pregnancy belly.

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4. Cotton Chambray Belted Maternity Dress

Cotton Chambray Belted Maternity Dress

Beat the scorching heat in style with this gorgeous blue chambray nursing outfit. Made in 100 percent cotton and cut for a casual fit, the light chambray denim wraps wonderfully over your bends, with a self-attach belt at the domain midsection that wraps beautifully around your figure.

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5. White and Black Sustainable Nursing Dress  

White and Black Sustainable Nursing Dress

Image Source:

Designed by The Vanca, this stunning outfit is a must-have for your closet. The outfit comes with a stylish v-neck design with a flared pattern at the bottom. You can choose to wear this dress while heading out for casual outings, maternity photoshoots, baby shower events, or simply anywhere you desire. The maxi dress also features a side zip line for easy feed access.

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6. Black Maxi Dress

black maxi dress

Image source: Myntra

When looking for first-trimester pregnancy clothes, a black maxi dress definitely becomes a must-buy. This elegant black maxi dress comes with a round neck design, 3 quarter sleeves, bottom flare, and a concealed zip closure.

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7. Grey Crop Top and Wide Leg Pant Set

Grey Crop Top and Wide Leg Pant Set

Image source: ASOS

Add a touch of comfort to your style with this relaxed crop top and wide leg pant set in grey color. Whether you’re relaxing at home or feel like stepping out of home, this outfit is an ideal pick for first-trimester pregnancy clothes. The outfit comes with a stretchable waistline that can expand and fit as per your belly’s size in the upcoming weeks.

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8. Urban Bliss High Neck Knitted Nursing Dress

 Urban Bliss High Neck Knitted Nursing Dress

Image source: ASOS

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Want to feel warm, cozy and stylish during pregnancy? Well, pick this stunning knitted nursing dress that comes with a high neck design to wrap you in warmth. And yes, don’t forget to pair this outfit with hoop earrings and boots to complete the look.



Can I wear Jeans in the first month of pregnancy?

Yes, you can wear your regular pair of jeans, legging, or any lycra pants during the first month of your pregnancy. Any bottom wear that accommodates your waistline comfortably, you can choose to wear freely.

What should I wear when 3-months pregnant?

Your first-trimester pregnancy clothes can literally be any item from your regular wardrobe. As your pregnancy journey transcends through the upcoming weeks, you can start looking for maternity dresses, Kaftans, nursing tops, maternity leggings, and so on.

How to hide a bloated first-trimester belly?

Don’t want people to know about your pregnancy yet? Well, to hide your first-trimester belly avoid wearing tight-fitted clothes and stick to something more casual and sporty like boyfriend t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, Kaftans, and so on.

Can pregnant women wear black?

Yes, of course. Keep all the orthodox myths aside and choose to pick darker shades like Black, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, and so on as it will make you look slimmer. Black will really flatter your curves and will make you look absolutely gorgeous.


Here were some of the best maternity clothes for first trimester that you can add to your wardrobe right away. Which is your favorite nursing outfit from our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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