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15 Best Maternity Dresses for Photo Shoot in 2021

Looking for the best, fashionable, and stylish maternity dresses for photoshoot to capture the most beautiful moments of your life? You’ve come to the right place.

Picking a pregnancy photoshoot dress in today’s time is not as challenging as you think. Women just love to dress themselves up in a chic dress to pose for the perfect portrait shot that one can cherish forever. Moms-to-be definitely need to look as gorgeous and glamorous as possible in the photoshoot, as this memory will bring a smile to your face for the rest of your life. 

So, before you get all confused about which pair of dresses, or which color can enhance your pregnancy look, here are the 15 trendy maternity shoot dresses that you can choose to flaunt the baby bump in style.

15 Best Maternity Dresses for Photo Shoot : Pregnancy Photoshoot Dress

#1 Cotton Block Printed Beige Dress

 Cotton Block Printed Beige Dress

Cannot take your eyes off this stunning pregnancy dress? Well, we can feel your emotions. This gorgeous attire by MomsRack can be an ideal pregnancy photoshoot dress as it is a unique combination of comfort and style.

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#2 Yellow Floral Print Maxi Dress

Yello Floral Print Maxi For maternity Photoshoot

Here comes another delightful option to look stunning in your portrait shots. MomzJoy brand has curated this chic outfit in a light-weighted crepe floral print fabric. You can use this outfit for photoshoots, baby showers, and even after the pregnancy.

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#3 Dark Green Dress in Block Print Pattern

Dark Green Dress in Block Print Pattern

Maternity dresses for photoshoot should be comfortable, trendy, and stylish. This beautiful dress by MomsRack is designed in a breathable fabric and is definitely one convenient option to pick for the photoshoot.

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#4 Mustard Print Kaftan

Mustard Print Kaftan

Well, yes, this indeed is one masterpiece. Kaftans are the perfect pregnancy photoshoot dress to look admirable in your pictures. As your shoot will most probably be conducted in the outdoors, Kaftans can keep you comfortable through day and night, and you can capture the best portraits with a wide smile.

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 #5 Pastel Mosaic Outfit

Pastel Mosaic Outfit

Fan of pastel shades? If yes then this beautiful pastel mosaic attire can be the perfect dress to get clicked. It is a nursing dress with easy feed access, front-open zip, and curated in a relaxed fit design. You can choose to wear this dress through all stages of pregnancy be it gatherings, baby shower, photoshoots, and even post-pregnancy by styling it in unique ways.

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#6 Stylish Blazer for Professional Moms

Stylish Blazer for Professional Moms

Want to pull off a professional look for the photoshoot? This striped blazer can be an ideal companion to rock the maternity photoshoot in style.

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#7 Rayon Maternity Dress

Rayon Maternity Dress

Bright-colored outfits can take your pictures to a whole new level. You can pair this gorgeous piece of a dress by MomToBe with a nice pair of footwear, light makeup, and a bunch of accessories to look stunning on your special day.

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#8 Mustard V-neck Dress

Mustard V-neck Dress

Next on our list of best maternity shoot dresses comes this mustard maxi dress with a v-shaped neckline. It can also serve as a nursing wear outfit as it comes embedded with a side zipper offering easy feed access.

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#9 Deep Violet Outfit

Deep Violet Outfit

Absolutely elegant and stylish, isn’t it? We’re sure you have already made up plans to buy this outfit for your shoot day. Designed by The Mom Store, this attire comes with a see-through back, long mermaid tail, elastic waist to keep your belly line comfortable.

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#10 Blush Red Dress

Blush Red Dress

A maternity photoshoot is nonetheless than a “Special day”. Right? You can pick this stunning blush red dress from the Posh Affair. Agree or not but this outfit definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe as you can even wear it in the post partum phase.

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#11 Wrap-front Maxi Dress

wrap front maxi dress for maternity photoshoot

It comes with a front-wrap design, patch pocket, short sleeves, and a flowy silhouette that will allow you to flaunt your baby bump in style while shooting.

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#12 Wine Pink Bodycon

Wine Pink Bodycon for pregnancy photoshoot

Curated in comforting and elastic lycra fabric to fit perfectly around your waistline. Designed by the Mama Couture, this elegant wine-colored bodycon is ideal for shooting outdoors to get the best portrait shots in any lighting.

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#13 Ruffled Sun Dress

Ruffled Sun Dress for maternity photo shoot

Who isn’t a fan of stylish and comfortable sundresses, right? Ruffled sleeves can add a touch of glamour to your maternity photo shoot.

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#14 Pure White Gown

pure white gown for maternity photo shoot

Feel like a princess already? This is a sleeveless pregnancy gown designed in a jersey fabric with an outline. If you look more closely, you will find an elastic waistband that can be adjusted according to your expanding waistline.

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#15 Blush Peach Maxi with Sequins

Blush Peach Maxi with Sequins

Here comes another delight by The Mom Store, a stylish peach-colored outfit curated in a light-weighted fabric that will keep you comfortable during the shoot.

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Which month is best for maternity photoshoot?

As per the experts, a maternity shoot must be conducted somewhere around the 6th or 7th month of your pregnancy. During this trimester, your belly is in a perfectly round shape that will look stunning in the pictures.

What do you wear to a pregnancy photo shoot?

A plethora of stylish maternity dresses for photoshoots are available online offered by various brands and designers. We have shortlisted the 15 best outfits that you can choose to get shot in a glamorous look.

What is the best color to wear for maternity pictures?  

Confused about which color to pick? Well, you can go for blush red or pure white shade as they are classic and evergreen.

How do you prepare for maternity photoshoot?

Make sure you are comfortable enough! As expectant moms need to look the best in pictures on their shoot day, being comfortable should be your utmost priority. Also, do pack beforehand and carry all your belongings when you head out for the shoot.

What is the average cost of a maternity photoshoot?

The average cost of a pregnancy photoshoot lies somewhere between 15k to 35k. It depends on various factors, the photographer, location, and client requirements.

Which one is your favorite maternity outfit from our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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