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Top 18 Maternity Dresses for Summer: Summer Pregnancy Outfits [2021-22]

There’s something very beautiful about being pregnant, carrying a life inside your womb is indeed one of the greatest feelings a woman can experience. Isn’t it? Every day of your pregnancy brings you closer to meeting your soul, your tiny one, the unseen beautiful part of your existence.

Choosing maternity wear outfits is not as challenging as you think. Well, even if you’re not feeling the very best in your mood, these summer pregnancy outfits can help in cheering up your vibe. In this post, we have listed the best maternity dresses for summer that you can wear to flaunt your baby bump.

Summer Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women

1. Shirt Style Nursing Dress

Here comes another exciting suggestion for maternity dresses for summer. This shirt-styled nursing dress is designed in a soft, comforting fabric that won’t make you feel too hot in the summers. It also comes with easy feed access so that you can even choose to wear it in the postpartum phase.

It is ideal for casual outings or lounging at home. You can buy this stunning outfit at

2. Black Lace Maxi Dress

Black Lace Maxi Dress for summer

Image source: The Bump

Oh yes, who wouldn’t adore a stylish nursing maxi dress with a black lace design? This perfect look can make you look absolutely stunning in every setup. Whether you’re planning for a maternity photo shoot in the outdoors or heading for a get-together on a weekend, picking a black laced maxi dress can instantly ut you in style.

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3. Polka Dotted Nursing Outfit

Polka Dotted Nursing Outfit

Maternity summer clothes must be designed to uplift your mood and to keep you cozy. MomsRack offers you this exclusive polka-dotted nursing midi dress made in comforting khadi cotton. Buy It Here

4. Floral Puffed Dresses

floral puffed summer dress

Image source: SheIN

Puffed sleeves can take your style statement to a whole new level. A floral printed dress with puffed sleeves is not only stylish but can keep you calm in the scorching heat. So, add this amazing piece of outfit to your wardrobe to spend your pregnancy in style no matter where you go.

Floral prints are soothing and are available in a variety of designs and patterns. Pick something that suits your style to dress up the baby bump.

5. Block Printed Dresses

Block Printed summer outfit

Are you a fan of hand-block printed cotton dresses? If yes, then this stunning outfit by the MomsRack definitely belongs in your closet. It comes with front-open buttons and a stylish knot that will enhance your pregnancy look. But It Here

6. Crimson Lace Dress

crisman lace summer outfit

Whether you’re planning your baby shower or looking for gorgeous summer pregnancy outfits, this crimson red lace nursing dress can definitely help you enhance your curves. You can buy this stunning pregnancy outfit at The Mom Store.

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7. Emerald Green Nursing Dress

emerald green nursing dress for summer

Tell us something calmer than a mesmerizing shade of emerald green? This gorgeous outfit by The Mom Store is crafted in a breathable and comforting fabric making it the perfect summer pregnancy outfit to flaunt your baby bump.

Buy It Here

8. Navy Blue Rayon Floral Dress

navy blue rayon floral dress for summer

Next on our list of best maternity dresses for summer comes this appealing outfit by MomsToBe. You can wear this stunning outfit at casual gatherings, work, vacation, or even at your baby shower. But it here

9. Floral Printed Maxi Gown

floral printed maxi gown for summer

Seal your look with this amazing, light-weighted floral printed maxi dress to up your style game. It is crafted in comforting, easy-to-wash satin fabric and definitely belongs in your wardrobe. Buy it today.

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10. Olive Colored Shirt Styled Nursing Dress

olive coloured shirt stype pregnancy dress for summer

This amazing olive-colored shirt dress can enhance your pregnancy look. It is made in cotton khadi fabric to keep you light and sweat-free in summer. Buy it here.

11. Long Sleeved Top with Stripes

long sleeved stripes for summer

This stunning striped top by H&M is ideal for summer. You can pair it with light-colored denim and white sneakers to complete the look. Buy it here.

12 Mama Patterned Cotton Shirt

mama patterned cotton shirt for summer

It is a relaxed-fit cotton shirt with tiny floral patterns. As you can see the precise detailing, comes with a detachable belt under the bust, and a gentle drop around the shoulder. Buy it here.

13 Pink Striped Maxi Dress

pink stripped maxi dress for summer

We’re sure you cannot take off your eyes from this long-lengthed pink striped beautiful maxi dress by MomsRack. Whether in pregnancy or post-pregnancy, you can rock your summer look in this gorgeous outfit. Buy it here.

14. Calf-Length Shirt Dress

Calf-Length Shirt Dress for summer

Here comes another stunning nursing outfit by H&M. This calf-lengthed monochromatic shirt dress can be your go-to summer look. You can wear it at work, casual outings, cafes, or simply while lounging at home.

Buy it here.

15. Mustard Brown Kafatan

mustard brown caftan for summer

Kaftans are the most amazing creations to seal your summer look. We’re sure you cannot resist buying this beautiful mustard brown kaftan printed in geometrical patterns. So, what are you waiting for? Buy it here.

16. Nursing Lounge Wear Set

nursing lounge wear set for summer

Looking for a comforting and stylish nursing outfit to spend your pregnancy? This gorgeous loungewear set by MomsRack is ideal for any occasion. It is designed in an easy-to-breathe fabric to keep you cool. Buy it here.

17. Peach Chiffon Dress

peach chiffon dress

A beautiful creation by Mine4Nine, this appealing peach-colored chiffon dress can be your ideal summer outfit to beat the heat. Buy it here.

18 Grey Striped Kaftan Dress

Grey Striped Kaftan Dress for summer

Detailed with tiny cactus print patterns, it is a midi length kaftan dress to keep you stylish and in comfort. You can pair it with belt and matching accessories to rock your summer look. Buy it here.

So, here were the best maternity dresses for summer that can revamp your wardrobe. You can also use these ideas as inspiration, mix and match to create your own custom summer wear outfit. Pick a pregnancy outfit that is stylish, comforting, and chic to beat the heat!

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