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Maternity Fashion 2021- Pregnancy Fashion Style Tips

Wondering how chic moms can up their fashion game during pregnancy? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we will be discussing pregnancy fashion 2021 tips, fashion hacks, and more.

Well, style is not just a display of your wealth but an expression of your imagination, something that truly represents your inner charisma. Don’t you agree? And when it comes to styling, modern-day women can beat their creativity to extremes.

Fashion and styling may mean different to each woman, for some, it’s comfort, for most women, it’s about making a statement, being unique from the crowd, and so on. 

Maternity style 2021 in today’s era has taken a whole new turn. So, hey mom-to-be, we’re sure maternity fashion 2021 ideas must be hovering all over your mind by now. Isn’t it? We are here to drop some of the best pregnancy fashion tips to revamp your wardrobe (Experts recommended).

Are you ready? If yes then let’s begin pregnancy style 2021 tips that would-be mothers can use to the fullest.

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Maternity Fashion 2021- Pregnancy Fashion Style Tips

Tip #1 Stick to a Breathable and Comfy Fabric

When shopping for nursing wear make sure that you pay close attention to the fabric details. Just ensure that it is breathable enough, doesn’t fall heavy on your skin, and is created in a comfortable material that keeps you relaxed throughout the whole day and night.

As you’re already dealing with mood swings, temperature changes, and many other transitions, your nursing attire must be the last thing that bothers you. Always pick something that feels cool, light, breathable that keeps your body calm and happy.

Tip #2 Go with Flowy-Falling Tops

 When picking for pregnancy fashion 2021, always go with flowy, falling, and oversized tops that don’t fit too tight around your waist. Picking a loose, falling top is a great fashion hack if you’re not willing to flaunt your baby bump too soon. Thanks to the Kaftans, as they don’t just keep you comfortable but never lets you go out of style.

A wide variety of kaftans are available online in different styles and patterns that you can choose as per your style preference. Also, Kaftans or free-falling tops can be worn even after your maternity phase ends, as they are the most trendy attire for women when it comes to comfort clothing.

Tip #3 Pick Longer Tops

maternity fashion 2021 long shirts

Image source: Nykaa Fashion

Yes, that’s right! Pick long-sized tops that go beyond your hips can make your belly look thinner. You can choose jersey knit tops, button-up long shirts, long Kurtis, or anything that doesn’t highlight the extra weight around your belly. Wearing long tops is a great way to look thinner, and fashionable at the same time.

You can also share this maternity style 2021 tip with your friends, family, and close ones, or anyone who is undergoing this beautiful transition.

Tip #4 Wear Winter Coats

Winter coats pregnancy fashion 2021

Image source: Prevention

Wearing a warm, stylish and comfortable winter coat is bold enough to make a style statement no matter where you go. You can pick a light-weighted maternity winter coat that will keep you in “Luxury” even in your pregnancy days.

In addition to this, a winter coat can hide your pregnancy figure and will make you look stylish if you’re planning to step out for a gathering or occasion. You can simply zip up the winter coat to stay warm and cozy. Winter coats definitely top the list of pregnancy style 2021 attires.

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Tip #5 Elastics are the True Saviors

The next pregnancy fashion 2021 tip is going with elastics. Looking forward to buying jeans, joggers, or lower for yourself? Well, make sure it has elastic. Elastic waistbands are the only and the most important criteria when you’re buying yourself a pair of jeans or a lower.

Pick anything that has an elastic waistband so that it doesn’t feel fit too tight around your body. Elastic lowers can stretch based on your belly size and won’t even leave a mark on your body. And you know what’s the best part? You can still wear your elastic joggers post-pregnancy as they will adjust to your current waist size.

Tip #6 Never Forget to Accessorize

maternity fashion accessories
 Image Source: Pinterest

 As vitamins are for the body, accessories are for your style and fashion. Accessories make everything better. Don’t you think so? Wrap yourself with the best pair of accessories, as this maternity fashion 2021 tip is simply timeless.

Pick the chicest, elegant, bold accessories for your nursing outfit. Be it a funky pair of earrings, a half-sleeve denim jacket, a gorgeous scarf, a beautiful bracelet with charms, or simply anything that your heart calls out for.


Tip #7 Buy Yourself a Maternity Band

 Buy Yourself a Maternity Band

Image source: Italy


Maternity bands are truly one of the best innovations of the 21st century. A maternity band can be worn wrapped on your belly that offers you mild compression and support to your hips and your back. These bands not just help you in decreasing the pain of contractions but can also make you look stylish.

As an added perk, a pregnancy waistband also keeps your posture uptight offering great support to your spinal bone. You can easily engage in your day-to-day activities while wearing a waistband. Isn’t this one of the best pregnancy style 2021 tips that you ever heard about? (Yes, you can thank us later)



How can I look stylish during pregnancy?

Well, there are a million maternity fashion 2021 tips/ways that you try to stay stylish during pregnancy. To begin with, start off with loose-fit dresses, long-sized tops that fall below your hips covering the entire belly area, try a waistband that keeps you comfortable, and most importantly never forget to accessorize.

What is the best place to find maternity clothes?

You’ve come to the right place! At MomsRack, we feature an exclusive range of pregnancy/nursing wear for the would-be mothers including dresses, tops loungewear, baby shower dresses, nursing outfit, Kaftans, shirts, and many other trendy pregnancy fashion apparels.

Should you size up for maternity clothes?

No, not really! Maternity sizes work almost the same as regular sizing. Hence, there’s absolutely no need to go for a size up. Measure the dimensions of your body and then pick something based on the brand’s size chart.

Here were the 7 amazing maternity style 2021 tips to up your fashion game during the most beautiful phase of your life. We have handpicked and listed the best pregnancy fashion 2021 tips in our post that you can utilize to the fullest for upping your fashion game.


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